Daily Meditation:
Make today your favorite day. Realize all its possibilities and capacities for surprise and wonder.  The next twenty-four hours are open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new ways of seeing. We do not have yesterday; we can't go back and change the past, but we can choose how we will spend this day, the only day we truly have. We do not have tomorrow and should not try to live in it--we can never know what it holds for us. We can embrace this day and create new memories, new experiences. We can fill it with love and kindness. We can live this day with
gratitude for what we have and who we are, in this day, in this moment. 
Body: Choose wisely what actions and choices you will make for this day; it is all you have.  

Heart: Focus your heart on all that you have and all that you love and be happy with today.

Mind: Realize that the next twenty fours hours have not yet been filled and are yours to do with what you will.

Soul: Only today will you know your soul's longings and desires, for today is where your soul lives.

Daily Meditation:

How can I deny that there is something beyond my self and my own small, limited existence? When I find love I experience something that transcends my time and place. When I know peace it can be felt by others near to me. My
energy, my current, my power leave me and go out into the world causing ripples that move outward, affecting other people's emotions and even their actions. My effect on other people and events must be used wisely--not for hurt, but for love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. So I must choose my actions carefully, wisely, and with knowledge of possible the consequences. Today I want to spread peace and love not hurt or chaos. 

Body: Today's actions may affect others and our world for good or bad. 
Heart: Listen to your heart and find the place where peace and love reside and live from there.

Mind: To know that your choices and actions take a path that does not end with you, is to understand the presence of the world beyond you and its inhabitants, and your own part in it. 

Soul: The current that connect us to others is something we cannot see but only believe in. 

Today's Meditation:

Today as we in the Northern Hemisphere feel the pull of soft autumn air and shorter days, those living in the  Southern Hemisphere may feel the quickening of their senses and experience the return of hope that comes with Spring.  Although I know the world is preparing for sleep and regeneration here where I am,  I feel a sadness and a loss. But knowing that Spring will come again, that it Spring somewhere in the world gives me hope and happiness. Life is ever changing and as we move through the cycles of Nature, we can find hope in the knowledge that Spring will come again, that it is Spring somewhere else for now. Don't give up now. What would you miss? Do any of us know what is in our futures? 

Body: Embrace the changes that make this world what it is.

Heart: Accept that we will grow and change as the world around us does.

Mind: Know that it is time for our spirits to see something new.

Soul: Embrace the winter of your soul, knowing Spring will come again.

Today's Meditation:
In the quiet and stillness we can find our way.  When all the world's noise
is gone we can hear the Voice that speaks wisdom. Embrace the quiet of an
afternoon in the woods or an evening on a mountain top. Look at the sky, the
trees, the fluttering wings. You may hear a bird's call or an insect's chatter,
but in the quietness you may also hear your soul speaking to you. Let the noise
of the world go and you will be amazed at what you will hear.

Body: Find a quiet place to be still; listen to the  silence.

Heart: In the quietest moments you will be able to hear your heart's  messages.

Open your mind to the quietness of the natural world, letting go  of the world's noise and distractions.

Find a quiet place and you will hear your soul and the Voice that speaks wisdom.

Today's Meditation:

I find the guidance to live my life with peace and serenity when I listen to my own heart and soul. This is where I hear the silent voice of the Spirit and know His will for me. Slowing down and looking inward helps me hear the Spirit and find the guidance to live well in this confusing, frightening, and difficult world. Waiting and listening to my heart and soul gives me time to see that there is also beauty and happiness in this world. Having faith in my own heart and soul gives me the strength I need each day to go out into to the world with peace and serenity. 

Body: Slow down and wait for guidance.

Heart: Listen to your heart to find that guidance.

Mind: Know that your answers come from your own heart and soul.

Soul: Have faith that you can know what is right for you, and go forward with peace and serenity.

Daily Meditation: 
To love God is to love others. Loving God does not mean attending church on a
Sunday or exchanging superficial pleasantries to others when we meet them. When
we look deeply at another we will see that person's soul if we are listening,
caring, accepting and open. A soul may be housed in any type of body, whether
dressed in elegant clothing or in worn jeans from the thrift store. There is a
soul in all of us and that is our Divine spark, our connection to the God who
lives in us. To love others is to love God.

Be open to others you meet each day.

Let your heart connect with other souls you meet each day.

Know that we are all the same inside, worthy of love and kindness.

Let your soul greet another soul and feel the presence of God.

Daily Meditation: 
Every day we are controlled and limited by our egos. Our egos are the filters through which we see the world and ourselves. They are influenced by what others have said to us throughout our lives, words that we have internalized and taken on as our own, until we begin to see ourselves as we think others see us, instead of getting to know our real, true selves. Sometimes these are filters of negativity and doubt that cause us not to do what we really want to do. We may say no to a new job or promotion or not start a new project because we lack confidence in ourselves and in the future. We don't take that leap of faith because we doubt it will work out or we doubt that we will be good enough. But, if we want to reach higher and go farther, without doubt and fear, we must discard our egos, even if just long enough to open our eyes to our true selves and to the real possibilities our lives have in store for us.  

Discard negative filters and ideas of ego that limit what you are capable of doing today. 

Look for your best self, instead of listening to old, negative self-talk.

Get to know your true potential and who you truly are, letting go of doubts and fears.

As you begin to know and accept yourself more you will realize you are a work of the Spirit and you have unlimited potential.

Daily Meditation: 
We are all broken vessels that have experienced pain and suffering as well as joy and serenity. Our natures as physical humans beings make it inevitable that we will experience a myriad of feelings and live through many times when we may feel alone and abandoned. But in brokenness we can connect to others and recognize them as fellow souls on this journey. In brokenness the Spirit of God will hear us most  closely. When we are broken or full of despair and loneliness, with only a thought of Him, with the tiniest voice asking for help, we will find the Divine Spirit waiting to comfort us. 

Whenever we are lost and alone it is time to stop, listen, and wait, for comfort and guidance.

In our moments of deepest emotion we will be able to access the Divine.

When we are most unsure and full of questions, answers will come to us.

When we let go and acknowledge that we need more than ourselves we will find that the Spirit has been, and always will be, with us.

Daily Meditation: 
Be in the world, but not of the world. The physical, material world we inhabit does not have to dictate to us who we are and what we are. The people who surround us and with whom we live should not dictate to us who and what we are. We may be born into a close-knit community, a rich family, or a life of poverty, but we will have to break away at some point to become who we truly were meant to be. We cannot let the world and its people rule us and control how we behave and what we do with our lives. Each of us must find his or her own way. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to make choices, decisions, or changes that are opposed to the criteria and expectations we were raised to believe in. To break away we need to rely on guidance from the Spirit, from the Higher Power that gives us strength whenever we need it. It is time to let the  Spirit of God guide us and give us comfort and confidence as we grow in independence and become who we were meant to be.

Follow your own instincts even when you know it will be hard to do so. 
Learn to love and accept the person you are meant to be. 

The wisdom to know and be who we are comes from the Spirit. 


Listen to the Spirit's voice within your soul; let it guide you in your daily lives.

Daily Meditation: 
On any given day, our perceptions of the world we inhabit--our immediate surroundings and personal situations--are influenced by our belief systems, our expectations and our desires. The same sunny day may appear bleak and hopeless to one person and glorious and full of promise to another. One may feel gratitude for the abundance of life while anther may feel sadness for what is missing or out of reach. What we choose to focus on can determine which of these attitudes we have. We can change how we feel when we choose to look at our world differently. We can suddenly see the world in a new light. The world has not changed but our perspective and our feelings have because we have sought to change our perceptions.

Try looking at your life in new ways and you will start to see it with new eyes.

Look for the positives in your life and you begin to feel differently.

Inventory and examine your life, and your attitudes and perspectives will begin to shift.

Become willing to receive guidance from your Higher Power and your outlook will change for the positive.

my backyard, summer 2012

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    Our unique nature as human and spiritual beings spans four worlds: the 
    physical--our bodies; the emotional--our hearts; the intellectual--our minds;
    and the spiritual--our souls.
    I believe we have within each of us a spark of the Divine Spirit.

    I hope my words will give comfort, guidance, and clarity in your quest to heal and grow into your happiest, healthiest, and best selves. 

    I hope that you connect with the Divine Spark within you and find meaning and purpose in your lives.

     I wish you peace in your day.

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